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thomas dulac, guide de haute montagne photographe spécialiste de l'escalade en algérie
"We are the stuff that dreams are made of"
thomas dulac escalade en algérie
My programs
In Algeria:
-On the traces of Frison-Roche in Hoggar, following the routes of the Expedition Coche from 1935: Garet el Djenoun, Sawinan…
-Astronomy and trekking in Assekrem.
-Trekking in Tassilis
-Climbing Tissalatine, Tesnou, etc
-Trekking to discover the cave paintings,and how they came about
In Morocco:
Climbing Sahro, Siroua, Tafraoute, etc...
In Brazil:
Climbing in Rio de Janeiro
In France:
Crossing of the Pyrenees by climbing
This project will lead to the realization of my fourth book.
In Corsica:
La Paglia Orba, etc...
In France:
Climbing in the creeks of Marseille with lodging on a sail boat...
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William Shakespeare, The Tempest, acte IV, scene 1

The eyes that shine when my clients are at the top of the mountain, the photographs which make them dream.

I sell dreams that stay, in my passion of guide and photographer, I have this pleasure in my heart since my youth.

From this site and until the voyage, you will be alroutes in my company, I am not an agency, because meeting my clients takes precedence over everything.

In all my voyages I leave with natives guides, this is a true passport to understanding another culture.

I know my destinations very well, as I used to live there. Like Corsica and Algeria.

I would like to accompany you at your rhythm and in safety.

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Most of the time I am in mountain, it is difficult for me to answer you quickly, that can take a little time sometimes.

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